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As part of my college experience, I was a Design Lead in the Cal Poly Rose Float program where we conceptualized, designed, constructed, and decorated a full size parade float for the Pasadena Rose Parade.  I was engaged in resolving ways to tell a story through the design of the float in addition to building float elements.
The whole process took place over a 13-month span and I was a part of the program for all four of my college years.


Below is the overall process that we'd go through every year, from concept to construction to the last decorative flowers placed before Parade Day. This was the float known as "Aquatic Aspirations," which was the last float that I participated in from start to finish. It won the Director's Trophy for most outstanding artistic design and use of floral and non-floral materials, which is a first in Cal Poly history, and as a designer, it got me very excited.

The building of the float is a collaborative process in which many ideas are proposed by members across our ~50 person team. As a designer, I visualize their thoughts while also objectively looking for the best solutions that could lead to a stunning final product.

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