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Buoy is a hypothetical app that tracks weather conditions on the ocean. It's great for surfers who want to know about predicted conditions before heading out onto the water. Th scope of this projects includes everything from Use Cases, User Flows, UX, and UI design. The aim was to make the data appealing and easy to read.



Name: Andy Garcia
Age: 34
Hometown: San Diego
Background: Married (5 years), has been surfing since he was in middle school, skilled at identifying good waves and other conditions, loves the ocean and participates in other marine activities (snorkeling, kayaking, free-diving), works a full-time job as a salesman, goes surfing early in the morning every weekend.

Name: Stella Ferguson
Age: 22
Hometown: Ventura
Background: Single, is a Biology major at UCSB, is a member of the Surf Team, goes surfing three times a week before class, has been surfing since middle school. Occasionally travels with her Team to surf competitions across the state.

Name: David Klein
Age: 46
Hometown: Santa Cruz
Background: Married, leads a surf camp for kids during the summer, often takes his own kids to go surfing with him. Enjoys collecting boards. Goes approximately 108 times annually.  Is a seasoned surfer that has been surfing for at least 20 years. Loves the ocean, but is primarily a family man

  • As an experienced surfer, I would like to predict the surf conditions for the days and weeks that I would like to surf so that I can plan more appropriately and effectively.

  • As a regular, year-round beachgoer, I would like accurate, live information on tides and water temperatures so that I can pack the appropriate equipment (i.e. wetsuits, umbrella, etc.)

  • As a regular surfer, I would like to receive emergency updates on storm warnings, shark sightings, etc. so that I can stay safe in the water.

  • As a surfer who goes to multiple spots, I would like to be able to easily access the surf conditions of my favorite spots so that I can choose the beach with the best conditions.

  • As someone who goes surfing with family/friends, I would like to receive notifications for an ideal set of surf conditions so that I can take my family to a surf size that’s more their skill level.




All of these wireframes were made using Adobe XD. I'd only used the software of couple times beforehand, but it's  tool that I'm learning and working with.

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